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March 2023 Cheesecake Jar 4-Pack

March 2023 Cheesecake Jar 4-Pack

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Bathe your tastebuds in this month's cheesecake jar flavors!

Only 150 in stock until next month! Get them while supplies last.

Each order comes with four 8-ounce cheesecake jars, fresh-packed and full of mouthgasmic bursts of things we humans love to savor, like... chocolate things, cookie things, marshmallow-y things, and more!

Get the subscription box and save 10% on each delivery!

The March 2023 Cheesecake Jar 4-Pack Includes:

Jar #1: Brownie Batter Cheesecake: A chocolate lover's moist dream - brownie batter, chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate sandwich cookie crust

Jar #2: Cookie Cluster: We didn't think cookie butter and chocolate went together at first... until we made this! - chocolate chip cookie dough, cookie butter cheesecake, and chocolate sandwich cookie crust

Jar #3: Unicorn Poop: All of your childhood fantasies just became real - fruity cereal cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, and graham cracker crust

Jar #4: Birthday Bash!: If it's your birthday, you're. in luck. If it's not, you're still in luck! Celebrate your way with flavorful nostalgic yellow cake batter chunks mixed into abhorrently colorful funfetti cheesecake

Things you'll want to know about your order:

Need more than 4 jars? Just increase the quantity above to double, triple, or X-trüple your order!

All orders received by 11:59 PM EST on Sundays are shipped on Tuesdays and expected to arrive at your door, fence, mailbox, or yard by Thursday or Friday of the same week. Subscription orders are charged when your order is sent out (you can manage or cancel your subscription anytime in our customer portal).

Sorry, no flavor substitutions, though we may offer custom orders in the future. Thanks for understanding. They're all amazing, we promise ;)

All deliveries come securely packed and kept fresh with dry ice (please don't play with or consume the dry ice).

We strongly urge you to:

A. Refrigerate or freeze immediately upon arrival.

B. Devour (edible) package contents as quickly as possible before your friends, family, and/or colleagues realize what happened. Simply pretend your cheesecakes got lost in the mail... again.

C. Share the love if you're feeling generous.

D. Tag us on social with @cheffreyeats!

Ordering for you AND someone else?

We recommend creating separate orders with separate shipping addresses.

Problem with your order?

Write to us using our Contact Page, and we'll make it right. Please, we don't accept returns or refunds if you've already eaten the cheesecakes...

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